Want to know the story behind DiscoverHER Project?

It's #HerTimeToLead: Join The Movement


As young girls navigate through their adolescence, they are constantly blindsided and tackled down by how they should look and what they should do. They begin the long and hard struggle of seeing their own value, worth, goodness, gifts, and beauty within themselves.

DiscoverHER Project is an ally for girls to grow into the confident, beautiful, do-good warrior that they are born to be. Founded on an ambition of empowering girls in becoming their happiest selves, we are driven to believe that the potential of a young woman is unleashed when she is feeling rooted in her self-worth and sprinkling her magical gifts into this world.
Our ultimate #girlpower mission is to empower girls to lead with confidence and to do good together.
We aim to educate, invest in, and connect girls globally by offering a platform with tools, workshops, and resources to enable them to succeed.

Our approach to unlocking change and discovering potential:

To achieve our mission locally, we empower adolescent girls to live a meaningful life without fear and become agents of good. Through interactive events, workshops, and educational programs, girls are encouraged to lead by example, forge their own paths, and own their story.

To achieve our mission globally, we promote access to quality education for girls and women around the world by sending them to school for the education that they deserve and equipping them with leadership skills to build a business and a family. When we educate a girl, we can change her world.